How to Sign-Up Online (Step-by-Step)

Have you raised pledges online for the Walk before, but you’re having trouble this year?


Is it your first time, and you are unsure about how “virtual” fundraising works?


Here is a Step-by-Step guide to setting up your online fundraising page:

  1. Click HERE to fill out the sign-up form. Your name and a valid email address will be required. Upon completing the form, you will be registered.
  2. Now that you are registered, you need to finish setting up your fundraising page by creating an account or signing in to the account you created for a previous Walk. This ensures you will be able to access your page at your convenience later, and eliminates duplicate registrations.
  3. If this is your FIRST time signing-up online:
    1. Follow the prompt to create a FundEasy account (see example below). You can either create a username & password OR link your account with your Facebook account (to eliminate the need to remember a username & password).
    2. If you choose to create your account using a username & password, we recommend making the username the email address you used to sign-up, to make it easy to remember.
    3. If you choose to create your account by linking to Facebook, you will be asked to sign-in to your Facebook account and allow FundEasy access to link your information.
    4. Whichever way you choose to set-up your account, it is important to remember so that you will be able to login to your account again in the future. For example, if you created your account by linking it to your Facebook, you will be unable to login using your email address… you will always use your Facebook to login.
  4. If you ALREADY have an account from a past Walk:
    1. DO NOT create a new account. Instead, click the link that says “Sign in” at the bottom of the prompt (see example below).
    2. The prompt will change and now ask for your login information. Enter the username and password used from a previous Walk and your account will now be linked to your new 2020 page.
    3. If you do not remember your username or password, or your login information is not working, you will need to reset it. If you need to reset your username, click forgot “username”. If you need to reset your password, click forgot “password”. You will receive an email that will allow you to reset your login information. If you are unsure, call Christina at 727-216-1410 ext 403 or email her at
  5. Once you are signed into your account, you can edit your page (add photos/videos, add text, edit your goal, etc) by clicking on any of the golden buttons underneath each section (I.e. Edit Profile & Social Sharing).
  6. To add a sponsor to your online page, click the green button that says “Record Offline Gift” for sponsors who have made a pledge or have given you cash or a check. Only you can see this option. The other green button that says “Online Gift” is to make a donation online with a credit card, and will display to others as a button that just says “Give”.
  7. You can share your fundraising page with others so that they can sponsor you. In the section titled “Spread the Word”, you can share straight to your Facebook by clicking the Facebook icon, or copy the “Fundraiser Page Link” and paste it in a text, e-mail, or in a social media post to direct people to your page (see below).

If you still have questions about your online fundraising page, you can contact Christina via email at or via phone by calling (727) 216-1410 ext 403. Thank you!