Liaison Resources

Thank you for representing Walk For Life in your church by serving as a Liaison!


By promoting Walk For Life within your church for 8 weeks between the kick-off and Walk Day, you are working on a short-term mission field!

Liaison Handbook Resources

You should have received a Liaison Handbook with everything you need to successfully promote the event. If you did not receive this handbook and would like to have one so that you can recruit Pledge-Raising Walkers within your church, please contact Heather by emailing her at or calling (727) 216-1410 ext 401.

Some of the resources provided in the handbook are also available digitally below! Feel free to download these and print them if you need more, or download them to share digitally with others in your church.

Pledge Form (Single Page)

Walk For Life Announcement Slide (hi-res to show before service)

Sample Bulletin Announcements

Sample Email to Sponsors

Walk Poster

ALL Life Saver Dinner Club Prizes flyer 2021 ($1,500 – $3,000 – $5,000 – $10,000)

Walk For Life Video

Strategies to Promote the Walk

Utilize your own sphere of influence – we are asking you to make 5 touch points to promote this fundraiser. Examples of touch points would be:
  • Sign-up yourself to help save a life
  • Call your friends and encourage them to sign-up
  • Share a client’s story (available on our YouTube channel)
  • Like us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Create a social media post about Walk For Life (tag us!)
  • Share a Walk For Life social media post on your page
  • Comment on a Post from New Life Solutions or Walk For Life
  • Ask someone to join your team to help save a life (teams can be created when you sign-up)
  • Ask someone to sponsor you (via phone, text, e-mail, social media, etc.)
  • Self-Sponsor (you can make a pledge yourself!)
  • Write an e-mail to your small group to promote helping the unborn
  • Text “” to a group of friends so they can visit our website
  • Connect with your church leadership to see if they will add our video to the live stream service
  • Ask the church if they will add a link to on their website/social media
  • Try to include Walk For Life in church announcements
This is an opportunity to love your neighbor during a time of uncertainty. We appreciate all that you do for our mission!


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