Become a Liaison

Become a Walk Liaison: a foot soldier on the front lines to represent the Walk for Life at your Church or Organization!
The Walk For Life is successful each year due to people like you who get others involved! The best way to promote the Walk is with your help! Would you consider becoming a Walk Liaison? You can be a Life Saver by volunteering for this short-term mission opportunity:

  • To recruit fundraising walkers
  • To act as Liaison between the Clinics and your church, school or organization during the Walk season (March – May)
  • To promote the Walk in small groups, Sunday School classes, youth groups, women’s ministries, etc.
  • To set up a table at your church with the Walk materials and help distribute them
  • To play a short video in church (with your Pastor’s permission) that promotes the Walk as an exciting, fun-filled family event
  • To talk to your pastor about promoting the Walk For Life from the pulpit and within your church
  • To include Bulletin Announcements, email message, PowerPoint slide, etc. in promotion

We’ll equip you with all you need to represent the Walk and you can sign up right here – by filling in the contact form on the bottom of this page!

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