Walk For Life no matter WHERE YOU ARE!

This year, the Walk is VIRTUAL!

LATEST UPDATE TO THE WALK FOR LIFE (as of March 31, 2020):

Walk for Life will still be on May 9, however, it will be “virtual” versus being “on-site." We encouraging you to celebrate no matter where you are, rather than one of our 4 Walk sites!

A “virtual” Walk For Life allows you the convenience to walk in a place of your own choice…at home, around your block, etc. (any time, any place)!

No matter how you choose to participate, you can become a life-saving walker by raising pledges. You can register online at or get sponsors by using your handwritten pledge form.

You can get sponsors a variety of ways - phone, e-mail, text and/or social media.

Collect pledges between now and Saturday, May 9, and then send your pledge forms to us via email, fax, or mail. We will take it from there and handle the rest.

You will still be able to earn prizes by raising pledges of $250 or more. So go for it!!

Thank YOU for making a difference for LIFE! You are planting seeds of hope that will reap a bountiful harvest of babies saved, women served, and lives transformed! If you have any questions about the Virtual Walk For Life, please contact us by emailing, calling us at 727-216-1410, or visiting our FAQ page!

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Raise pledges to help support our clinics!

This fundraising opportunity allows you to partner with our Medical Clinics to serve women facing unplanned pregnancies. Proceeds from the Walk enable our clinics to provide free services and support to over 2,000 clients per year who need to hear that God loves them and their babies and has a plan, purpose, and destiny for their lives.

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